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"The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking"   ~ Albert Einstein


Optimizing value is both science + art (S+A).  At S+A we are practical in our approach as we simplify the complex, through the practice of applied sustainability "from concept to the boardroom to the bottom-line". 

We help our clients realize that "good design is good business" and together we are "making green pay".

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Sustainability + Entitlements + Due Diligence + Education

S+A combines decades of practical experience, education and research in real estate development, community design, economics and sustability to help our clients “optimize value” of their projects, portfolios or initiatives. 

We share and apply practical, and cost-effective best practices along with innovative sustainability solutions within the larger context of the dynamic regulatory, market, and bio-regional climates, in order to provide clarity and more sustainable alternatives for creating sustainable [economic] community development for the near-term as well as the longer-term.

Results Oriented + High Performance + Design Guidelines

Alternative Financing + Creative Business Models

Financing and developing real estate sustainably requires solid research, due diligence and analysis. At S+A, we bring together comprehensive unique data and information to create a foundation for informed decision-making that yields optimal value for investors, developers, owners and communities.

We work to define and achieve sustainability objectives and programs tailored to each client’s business goals. We do this by identifying the context, constraints and opportunities for integrating sustainable systems and elements into a project’s design and plans.

To be truly effective, sustainability initiatives must be designed collaboratively, weighing effectiveness, efficiency, and equity with economic, ecological and social constraints. An optimal solution includes enhancing total return on investment and addresses both market and external costs and benefits.